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September 28, 2010 / TechFemme

You’re Incredible – Let’s Tell Everyone

What qualifies me to start a Women in Tech blog?  Not much besides a degree in Electrical Engineering, an almost-hourly devouring of  TechCrunch and 5 years of hardware design experience at Motorola.  But  I’ve always felt under represented in the tech world – being the only female on a team of 15 or so engineers will do that, I guess.  And then I came across a few horrifying statistics on Wikipedia and on this infographic from the National Center for Women in Information Technology.:

  • 25% of professional IT-related occupations in the 2008 U.S. workforce were held by women
  • 11% of corporate officer positions at Fortune 500 technology companies are held by women
  • The number of US Computer Science Degrees awarded to women has decreased from 37.1% in 1984 to 18% in 2008
  • There has been a 79% decline in the number of incoming undergraduate women interested in majoring in Computer Science between 2000 and 2008
  • Only 17% of AP Computer Science test takers were female

It makes me sad.  And I know I can’t be alone in feeling like this.  In feeling like, as a society, we have to include the amazing, brilliant, capable females in technology.  In feeling like it’s important to invite, nurture and support these females in technology education.   Many others before me – both male and female – have impressively articulated their opinions on why there aren’t more women in technology, if that’s a problem or not, and how we should go about solving it if it is.  I’ll offer my take on that in future postings as well, and as I learn more, as we develop as a community, I’m sure my opinion will evolve.

Michael Arrington’s‘women don’t want to be entrepreneurs’ bombshell post on TechChrunch earlier this month, Sasha Pasulka’s disgust with whining about the issue, and Shira Ovide’s WSJ article on how we’re addressing the lack of female tech start-up founders each offer a solid analysis and argument of what will remain a sensitive and important issue until gender representation in the tech world is closer to 50/50.

But hopefully, this blog will address these issues, without focusing on them.  Instead, I plan to focus on the incredible things women in technology are doing, creating, designing and of course, starting-up.  You’re all doing some pretty incredible things – let’s let everyone know.

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  1. Maria L. / Aug 8 2011 11:07 pm

    Hi, I really like your blog so far. The stats are even worse in the developing world eg Kenya where I live, which is sad because 1) Women are > 50% of the workforce in these countries and 2) Tech/Software/Internet is one of the low-barrier industries where a developing nation can compete with the world (eg India’s tech revolution), so by bringing more women into tech, by numbers alone we have the potential to almost double the impact of our tech industry

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