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October 6, 2010 / TechFemme

Women in Tech Communities

I apologize for the crickets you’ve been hearing – I intend to post much  more often than I have in the past week.  But I’m currently putting together interviews with some incredible women doing really cool tech-type things as well as researching resources to share with all of you.  What I was originally hoping to do with this blog was create a women in tech community, but thankfully, through my online and phone research, I’ve discovered that the Women in Tech Community is alive, kicking, dynamic and poised to make some huge moves.

Some Examples:

Two wonderful things I’ve experienced while reaching out to women in tech over the past couple of weeks:

1.  You are willing to help me make this blog fantastic – either with topic suggestions, WordPress assistance, moral support.  I welcome and need it all – and am eternally thankful for it.

2.  You are eager to support each other, refer each other’s work and let me know about women in tech that I should consider featuring on this blog.

The feedback I’ve gotten also includes the sentiment that that this blog is something you want and the community needs.  We need to let everyone know what we’re up to, what we’re creating, how we’re changing things.  I hope, too, that TechFemme will help tie all the women in tech communities together.

As I work on developing content that keeps you coming back, please let me know if there’s someone I should be featuring, some tech product/company/etc. that deserves a shout out.  We all want to hear about it – and I want to tell everyone about it too.

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