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November 5, 2010 / TechFemme

Here’s a Way We Can All Help Young Girls Get Into Math, Science and Technology

AVC recently catapulted themselves to the top of my favorite blogs list after stepping up big time to contribute to the main mission of this blog  –  Geting more young girls into math, science and technology.  They’ve made November their Donors Choose month and compiled a bunch of programs that focus on math and science for young women that we can all help fund.  This is a fantastic, tangible way to make a difference.  We can make donations of any size and see directly where the funds are going.

You can read about the chosen programs on AVC’s list here , as well as donate.

Unfortunately I’m not in a position to give much at this time so I wanted to carefully choose a program that I felt really passionately about – not an easy task when I feel so strongly about the subject of girls in math, science and technology as a whole.

I ended up choosing the project Empowering Fourth Grade Girls Through Technology because they asked for a multimedia projector in order to facilitate maximum learning for visual and auditory learners.  Although at first glance, the project isn’t directly focused on teaching math or science,  a multimedia projector is a technology tool that will exemplify the need, value and benefit for this technology in daily life.  The more types and uses of technology that these girls are exposed to, the better.  Here is a photo of the projector they’re trying to buy and the teacher, Mrs. F’s description of the project:

My Students: Title 1 (high poverty) schools are constantly faced with the challenge of limited resources and technology. The height of technology in any classroom at my school is between one and three computers to be shared among an average of 25 students.

This will be the first year my school has implemented an all girls, single gender classroom. The fourth grade girls who will be in my class this fall (2010-2011) come from various cultural, economic and racial backgrounds. My goal is to empower them as learners and build their self-esteem by studying positive female role models both past and present and implementing strategies in the classroom that lend themselves to the unique learning styles of girls. We will be working on creating a strong classroom community that fosters cooperative learning and that will ultimately send them to fifth grade as independent, self-motivated young women leaders.

My Project: Because of the high-poverty background of many of my students, I am often faced with the challenge of filling an information gap. A great number of my students come into fourth grade lacking the background knowledge to fully comprehend and process new material; for example, while completing a reading unit on Karen Hesse’s “Out of the Dust,” none of my students knew what the Great Depression was or its impact on their own and history. As a teacher, it isn’t enough to present students with books and worksheets. By having technology like a multimedia projector in my classroom, I will be able to make faster and fuller life-to-text connections and aid struggling learners with a resource for engaging in new material.

Each year my students complete a service project to teach them the importance of giving back to their community and their world. They understand and appreciate what it means to give without receiving. Donations towards this projector will not only allow us a resource we wouldn’t have access to otherwise, but will put my students on the receiving end of a network of people who care about them and their future.

If you care like I know you do and if you are in a financial position to do so, please give what you can – these girls’ futures depend on it.

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