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November 30, 2010 / TechFemme

Eden Godsoe is Helping Women Make Millions of Dollars of Buying Decisions

Eden Godsoe, Co-Founder, Skinny Scoop

Being a working mother is difficult and time-consuming on it’s own.  The good news for Moms (and Women) everywhere is that Eden Godsoe, (Co-Founder, Skinny Scoop) decided to throw being an internet entrepreneur into the mix of  her life activities in addition to raising her kids.  Eden and her co-founder, Erin Crocker, created Skinny Scoop – a Q & A website filled with the valuable info that Women everywhere search for regularly to make daily decisions.  It’s amazingly useful because it’s based on a principle that we’ve all been taught since birth:  Moms know everything.

Now that Eden and Erin have brought us Skinny Scoop, Moms can also share everything they know too.

TechFemme:  How did you start your career in technology?

Eden Godsoe:  I majored in Economics and Philosophy in undergrad and was an investment banker in NYC for a while.  Then I went to Stanford Business School for my MBA and since then, I’ve always been around technology.  I was always working for tech companies, spearheading sales and marketing teams.

TF:  So although you didn’t do actual technical work, you were still majorly  involved in tech.

EG:  Definitely – it’s possible to address a customer’s technical needs and articulate technical requirements without being an engineer or knowing how to code.

TF:  How did the idea of Skinny Scoop come about?

EG:  We had thought about the ‘Mom’ space for a while.  Some of my classmates at Stanford dropped out of the workspace to raise kids.  Moms, and women in general, are key decision makers in the home.  Skinny Scoop is a tool that captures all the valuable info that women and moms typically share through email.  It was created to enable women to influence millions of dollars of business.  We want Skinny Scoop to be anywhere women are making decisions.

TF:  Was it difficult making a transition to being a tech entrepreneur?

EG:  I’ve always worked pretty long hours so it was a fantastic transition.  I’ve never worked longer hours or harder but now I’m doing something I’m passionate about.  This kind of transition will be different for different people.  I come from a design background so I did the design of the site and because of my past experience, I was easily able to communicate the site requirements to engineers.

TF:  How do you think moms can expose their young daughters to technology?

EG:  I was raised in a gender-neutral environment.  I’ll give my kids the same exposure.  They’re already exposed to what I do so they know that I work on a website.  But women don’t have to have careers to be good role models to their kids.

I think it’s a safe bet that Eden is doing a fantastic job being a good role model for her kids.  (I hope to take pointers from her if I’m lucky enough to be a mom one day.)  She and Erin have built a business that provides easy-to-find valuable information that women already actively search for and share with each other.  Now they can do it easily and with many others that are eager to find and share the same type of information.  The value of that combined data is priceless.  Women in all types of family situations have lots of daily decisions to make but not a lot of time to make them and this makes Skinny Scoop is a woman’s online best friend.

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