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January 18, 2011 / TechFemme

Build, Test, Launch Your Web Idea – No Programming Experience Necessary

LaunchBit Classroom

Elizabeth Yin and Jennifer Hsieh are at it again.  The founders of DressMob and ShinyOrb are set on sharing their expertise to help us non-programming folks launch our web businesses no matter what.    Their upcoming venture, the LaunchBit classroom is an online course for programming newbies designed specifically to help us launch web businesses.

The awesome ladies behind the course are kind enough to offer a 10% discount of the course price to TechFemme readers – get it here.  And get excited – thanks to Elizabeth and Jennifer, you’re about to be a Web Entrepreneur!

Course details include:

  • Step-by-step online lectures to launching a web business
  • Ideal for busy people — it works around your schedule
  • Tutorials and homework result in your first launch

Class starts the week of January 24, 2011 but you can do the lectures on your own time.


Week 1: Online and offline market & competitor research
Week 2: Paper mockups & customer feedback
Week 3: Building a basic landing page
Week 4: Driving basic traffic to your landing page
Week 5: Analyzing your landing page results
Week 6: Case studies: Building your web prototype
Week 7: Tools to analyze your web prototype
Week 8: Case studies: Building your web prototype (cont)
Week 9: Discussion: Prototype results analysis
Week 10: Discussion: Prototype results analysis (cont)

If you do all the weekly homework, by the end of the course, your web venture will be launched!  Let’s get this party started – sign up quick – class start next week!!

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