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August 8, 2011 / TechFemme

Nominate Yourself or Another TechFemme For Femmeonomics’ Top Tech Women to Watch

This isn’t your typical awesome Women In Tech list.  You won’t find any super-famous, rock-star Sheryl Sandberg or Padmasree Warrior types on it.  Many an article and list have been published singing their praises (rightfully so).  Here’s why I love Femmeonomics‘ Top 50 Women In Tech list – it’s going to highlight the largely unknown women working hard at doing wildly incredible things in technology.  Here’s the call to nominees:

Are you a woman silently changing the technology industry from the confines of your cubicle? Perhaps you know of a woman seeking to launch the next big thing from her daily seat at Starbucks? If so, we want to hear from you….Unlike other lists, Femmeonomics plans to highlight the ambitious and creative women flying just under the radar.

This means that there’s a high chance that you can nominate yourself and/or other women in tech you know for this list.  It’s time for all that hard work to be applauded.  Go here to get recognized.

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